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Aluminum (Molten Metal Contact)

Aluminum Industry Guide (Molten Metal Contact)
Max. Use
CCS (psi)
Density (pcf)
Areas of
Betagun M3000°F3,000-5,000137-141A B G H
Betagun MZ3100°F6,000-8,000141-145A B
Betagun 313100°F4,000-6,000134
Betamax 252500°F9,000-12,000139
Betamax 303000°F15,000-20,000150
Betamax 30 LT3000°F7,000-10,000116
Betamax 313100°F10,000-14,000150
Betamax 323200°F19,000-25,000172
Betamax 343400°F10,000-14,000 179
Betamax 653100°F21,000-25,000163
Betamax M3000°F15,000-20,000156
Betamax M SF3000°F10,000-14,000157
Betamax MZ3100°F12,000-16,000165
Betamax MZ SF3100°F7,000-11,000160
Betamax FS2100°F10,000-14,000121
Betamax FSM2100°F12,000-16,000135
Betamax SC 652800°F14,000-18,000165
Betamax Z3000°F8,000-12,000195
Betamax III3200°F18,000-22,000173
Beta Ram 60-P3100°F166
Beta Ram 70-P3200°F166
Beta Ram 70 PC3200°F164
Beta Ram 85-P3200°F178
Beta Ram 88-P3300°F183
Ironmax SJL3100°F7,000-9,000152
Ironmax TT3200°F12,000-15,000164

Aluminum (Non metal Contact)

Aluminum Industry Guide (Non metal Contact)
Max. Use
CCS (psi)
Density (pcf)
Areas of
Castmax 28 HR1500°F20,000-24,000142-146C E F
Castmax 30 HR3000°F19,000-24,000147-151C E F
Castmax A HR3000°F20,000-24,000156-160C F
Gunmax M3000°F5,000-7,000133
Ironmax 70A3000°F8,000-10,000154
Shotmax K2800°F11,000-15,000141-145C E
Shotmax M3000°F13,000-17,000148-152C E
Supermax BAZ3200°F13,000-17,000175-179F G
Areas Of Application