Allied Mineral Products offers over 1400 different products, including a wide range of refractory products and precast shapes. We are continually searching for new and better sources of raw materials to give our customers a superior, more cost efficient product.
Allied maintains an active program for developing and testing refractory products. We aim to create and develop a product to meet the specific requirements of each customer, and meet these challenges with enthusiasm and determination to supply the best possible product.
Our product categories include: Conventional, Low Cement, Ultra-Low Cement, Self-Flowing, Insulating, and Gunning Castables, Plastics, Mortars, Patches, Dry Vibratables, Insulating Firebrick, Ceramic Fiber and much more.


Allied Mineral products prides itself on providing superior products and outstanding customer service. Our sales staff and customer service representatives offer unmatched support, demonstrating a level of commitment to the customer that is unique in this industry. Our goal is to develop term relationships with every customer, big or small. We are dedicated to being there before the sale, during installation and all throughout the refractory life.